July 19 - Arlington, VA @ CD Cellar
July 20 - Charlotte, NC @ Area 15
July 21 - Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery
July 22 - Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
July 23 - Tampa, FL @ Mojo Books & Music
July 25 - New Orleans, LA @ Beatnik
July 26 - Houston, TX @ Walters
July 27 - Austin, TX @ Holy Mountains

gonna fly to Boston for this jeeze

for those of you who speak french   

Google translate and its best efforts:

Upon entering the TNC to attend Marriage Play , the first of two performances of the evening, the public inter - surprisingly - was surprised to discover that the stage area is already invested by Gillian (Ali Gellman ) , housewife , reading quietly on his couch . We will recognize here one of the first choices of Daniel Carter: that of proximity . A first synonymous with complicity nearby : Marriage Play, with its frequent asides and vocabulary loose, even vulgar at times, laugh. However, this proximity also seems to tend towards a larger goal: the refusal of alienation, of theatrical illusion . As explained by the director to Insider , “We are constantly in the illusion […] It is necessary to realize that we constantly live.”

Marriage Play tells the story of this illusion : Jack (Stephanie Welton ) and his wife Gillian , passively stuck in an unhappy marriage thirty years, are unable to extract and indulge in a linear bitterly daily . The play opens on the words of Jack: ” I’m leaving you .” It will end with the same statement , that same desire impossible to achieve . Between the two , Jack and Gillian fight, fondle and insult and read . What they read ? The ” book of fucks ” comprehensive summary of all parts of their legs in the air. It is through this book , all the spontaneity and absurdity of writing that shines Albee . Daniel Carter reminds us this book , as well as the host of authors who are mentioned in the piece ( Hemingway , Miller, Melville ) stress the importance qu’Albee gives the ” stream of consciousness , emotional health , to instinct . “

The second surprise is obviously the all-female cast . Dynamically , this choice is a relative success : it allows a strong dialectic perpetually spilling itself a grotesque distance does not crash but managed to caricature his humorous flight , except perhaps a scene of domestic violence struggle to find a balance between comedy and action draft overflow balance that could stabilize a game more convincing lights. Thematically , the bet is successful : what Carter wanted was to show that “these two characters are not that important - not necessarily a married couple, or a man and a woman I wanted the audience to be open to all the possibilities.

suicidal at 13

but wasn’t worth noticing

good morning

good morning